I specialize in foreign policy and international relations, leveraging my Ph.D. in Government and International Affairs, teaching experience to help clients navigate complex global issues such as human rights and international organizations.
In the realm of diversity and cultural awareness, I provide consulting services in diversity training, cultural competency, and inclusion initiatives, drawing from my extensive experience as a scholar and educator in multiculturalism, race, and queer studies.
My expertise in political science and public policy is well-suited for clients in government agencies, non-profits, or think tanks seeking policy development and analysis from a knowledgeable consultant in American and comparative politics.
As a motivational speaker, I share my personal journey of overcoming barriers related to stuttering, being gay, and facing other challenges to inspire and empower others facing similar obstacles.
My extensive background in education and curriculum development allows me to consult on instructional strategies, academic program development, and course design across various subjects and institutions.
As a specialist in queer studies and LGBTQ+ issues, I am qualified to consult on policies and programs promoting LGBTQ+ rights and inclusion, drawing from my teaching, research, and certification in working with LGBTQ youth.
With a focus on human rights and social movements, I offer consulting services on human rights advocacy, social justice, and grassroots organizing, stemming from my experience in teaching and researching these subjects.
As a media analyst and critic, I provide expert analysis on media portrayal of marginalized communities and cultural issues, based on my published critiques of films and media representation.
My experience mentoring students, facilitating research colloquiums, and working with first-generation and low-income students in academic settings qualifies me to consult on student support programs, mentorship initiatives, and college access and retention strategies.
Finally, my certification in Gender Analytics enables me to consult on designing products, services, processes, and policies that address gender-based disparities and promote gender equity.
Please feel free to explore my website further and reach out to discuss how I can support your goals and aspirations. 

Thank you!
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