Dr. Cam Silver, a scholar and political scientist, in areas of foreign policy, cultural criticism, and diversity expertise. His rich academic background and professional experiences, combined with his commitment to global scholarship, qualitative research, and cultural awareness.
Born from the transformative experiences and knowledge acquired at the  University of South Florida's School of Interdisciplinary Global Studies, Dr. Silver is an ardent advocate for the TRIO programs. Having been part of the Upward Bound Program at the same university, he dedicated eight formative years of his life to the program, both benefiting from and contributing to its enriched learning environment. Dr. Silver also attended Saint Leo University for his undergraduate degree in History.
Dr. Silver's academic journey is highlighted by a Ph.D. in Government and International Affairs, where he cast a broad net of focus encompassing political institutions, social movements, international organizations, activism, human rights, genocide, race, US foreign policy, queer studies, theories of international relations, public policy, and education. Supplementing this, he also possesses an MA in Africana Studies and a BA in History from the same institution.
The zeal for teaching led Dr. Silver to a role as a Term Assistant Professor of Political Science at Barnard College-Columbia University. He made his mark by introducing innovative courses such as "The Myth of A Post-Minority Era: The Politics of Diversity in the 21st Century," "The Domestic Reality of American Foreign Policy," and "Beyond Stonewall: The Dynamics of Queer Politics." Furthermore, he served as an Affiliate Member of the prestigious Saltzman Institute of War and Peace Studies.
Currently, Dr. Silver enriches the Department of Political Science at John Jay College - CUNY with his insights as a Doctoral Lecturer. This position allows him to engage with a diverse student body and actively contribute to the frontier of research in his field.
Prior to these roles, he served as a Visiting Assistant Professor of American Politics at the United States Military Academy at West Point, making significant contributions to their intellectual community and mentoring cadets. His teaching portfolio also includes Saint Leo University, Judy Genshaft Honors College at the University of South Florida, Verto Education, and Hillsborough Community College.
Beyond academia, Dr. Silver is a prolific writer whose critiques on films and societal issues have left a lasting impact. His thoughtful commentary is best exemplified in his piece "The Need for a 'Queer' Reckoning" published on Medium. As a mentor, he has guided students through their theses, while his presentations on various topics within political science, human rights, and international relations showcase his research capabilities.
Dr. Silver's credentials extend beyond traditional academic achievements. He holds several certifications that reflect his diverse skill set, including Gender Analytics: Gender Equity through Inclusive Design Specialization, Psychological First Aid for Schools, and Developing Clinical Competence in Working with LGBTQ Youth and Families. These, combined with his exceptional skills in political analysis and interviewing, suggest a promising future in his field.​​​​​​​
While Dr. Silver has made impressive strides in his early career, his journey is just beginning. Passionate, dedicated, and insightful, he continues to push boundaries in political science and education, all while remaining a proud product of the TRIO programs. He exemplifies the limitless potential that a humble beginning and relentless pursuit of knowledge can unlock.
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