My motto for life by Eleanor Roosevelt-No One Can Make You Feel Inferior Without Your Consent
An interdisciplinary scholar with a knack for political science, I stand at the crossroads of historical contexts, cultural studies, and political paradigms. My journey, which began with a BA in History and an MA in Africana Studies, has taken me through a transformative path, from being an alumnus of the Upward Bound Program at the University of South Florida to my current role as a Doctoral Lecturer in the Department of Political Science at John Jay College - CUNY.
This website serves as a reflection of my interdisciplinary experiences, professional pursuits, and areas of expertise. Here, you can explore my wide-ranging research work, which encompasses an array of topics from foreign policy, cultural criticism, and diversity, to human rights. 
My interdisciplinary approach is not confined to research alone. As a mentor, I'm committed to creating an inclusive and supportive learning environment, fostering critical thinking and intellectual curiosity in students from diverse backgrounds. My belief in the power of education and its potential to unfold new opportunities fuels my dedication to programs like the Upward Bound Program.
Feel free to explore, connect, and engage with me in a dynamic discourse that transcends the traditional boundaries of political science. Your questions, insights, and feedback are most welcome, as they enrich our shared academic journey.
Whether you're a fellow academic, a student eager to learn, or a visitor intrigued by the fascinating world of interdisciplinary studies, I hope you'll find this site both informative and inspiring.
Thank you for visiting,
Dr. Cam Silver


I am proud product of federally funded TRIO programs such as: Upward Bound, Student Support Services,  and Educational Talent Search

Thank you!
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